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I offer a blend of expertise and practical strategies to help you thrive. By empowering women to cope, manage and redirect anxiety enabling them to get back to doing the things they love. Through my own personal experience from living with anxiety since my early 20's I have a toolbox full of tools that I am opening up for you.


Are You Experiencing Anxiety?

Take the quiz as a friendly check-in to help you better understand your feelings. Picture it as a virtual chat with a caring friend. There are questions to answer, exploring everything from your worries to how they might be affecting your daily life. No pressure, just a chance to reflect. Remember, this isn't a diagnostic tool, but more like a nudge to consider your mental well-being. So take a deep breath, and let's dive in!

Top 4 Tips E-Book

Living with stress and anxiety can be a real rollercoaster, right? One day, certain triggers might send you spiraling into panic mode, and the next, they may not bother you at all. Whether you're battling anxiety in a crowded store or feeling like your skin is crawling at home, I get it.

Why am I spilling my Top 4 Tips? Because I've been there, and I want to help you navigate through it. My goal is to offer hope to those who feel stuck, sharing what has personally worked for me in redirecting anxiety. Consider this a friendly chat about my journey, with tips and tricks that I've tested out myself. We're all in this together, and I believe you can conquer it! You're not alone—I see you, I believe in you, and I'm here for you!


Debbie is an Anxiety Strategist with a degree in Psychology. She was born in Massachusetts, raised in New York and currently resides in Florida. She is dedicated to empowering women using effective strategies that she has personally tried herself. She is a contributing author of a Best Selling book “Her Bad Ass Story 2” and a former staff writer for BWC Daily. She's also a devoted mother to six children, driven by her faith and family values. Aspiring to be a motivational speaker, Debbie embodies resilience and empowerment in both her professional and personal life.


“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass. It’s about learning to dance in the rain.” - Vivian Greene


Group Strategy Sessions

Transform the way you manage stress and anxiety with group strategy sessions. Picture this: a welcoming supportive community atmosphere where you not only pick up effective stress and anxiety-reducing techniques but also bond with others on a similar journey. Dive into the power of a group to unlock coping strategies, share experiences, and develop a toolkit for maintaining mental well-being. Empower yourself and others in navigating life's challenges with resilience and strength.

Mindfulness and Stress Reduction Strategy Call

Discover the journey of self-discovery and embrace the incredible impact of mindfulness techniques and stress management strategies! Picture yourself incorporating daily mindfulness exercises into your routine – a scientifically proven way to dial down stress and elevate your mental well-being. From deep breathing to focused meditation, these simple yet powerful techniques not only ease stress but pave the way for a healthier, more balanced lifestyle. As your companion for personal growth and emotional resilience, I'm here to support and inspire you on this journey towards a calmer, more fulfilled life. Let's make mindfulness your superpower!

“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass. It’s about learning to dance in the rain.”

Vivian Greene